World Social Forum NGOs call for action on Darfur

The following petition gathered more than 500 signatories at the World Social Forum this week in Nairobi: 

We, activists, civil society organizations, and other progressives gathered in Nairobi for the 7th World Social Forum, express our deep concern about the ongoing crisis in Darfur. Since the beginning of full blown hostilities in early 2003, the crisis has wreaked unimaginable damage. More than 400,000 civilians have died, more than 3.6 million are “war affected,” dependent on international assistance, more than 3 million have been displaced (the vast majority have remained in Sudan, while others have fled to neighbouring Chad and further abroad.

Read the full petition.

(September 17, 2006) Human Rights Organizations Condemn the On-going Deterioration of Humanitarian Situation in Darfur and Call upon the Sudanese Government to Accept the Deployment of the UN Forces