Humanitarian Update – March 2015

While the first three weeks of March were relatively calm, the last week witnessed an notable increase in aerial bombardment and shelling in South Kordofan causing significant displacement and damage to livestock, food and tree crops. A new wave of ground fighting has reportedly caused the displacement of over 20,000 civilians from the front-line areas. Consistent with previous trends, bombing in March appeared to be directed towards civilian targets, such as farms, food stocks and schools, including the New Sudan Primary School in Heiban Payam, but did not cause any human casualties. At the end of the month/beginning of April, the IDPs living in caves in the Tunguli area were targeted, causing the death of seven people. SPLA North military attacks employing a mobile force and aimed at undermining the April elections and depleting government resources, have reportedly provoked civilian casualties and displacement from Government held locations in South Kordofan.