Briefing Public Order Trial: Sentencing of Nuba Women

On Thursday 25th of June 2015 around 9:00 p.m. after coming from church in El-Ezba neighborhood (also known as Tayba Al-Hamadab) in Khartoum North, 12 Sudanese women hailing from the Nuba Mountains of the embattled Southern Kordofan State were arrested by the Public Order Police while waiting for public transportation. The women were taken to the Public Order Police station in Al-Sababi neighborhood and informed by police, that they were being arrested under Article 152 of the 1991 Public Order Act, which states that: 

“Whoever commits, in a public space, an act, or conducts himself in an indecent manner, or a manner contrary to public morality, or wears an indecent or immoral dress, which causes annoyance to public feelings, shall be punished, with whipping, not exceeding 40 lashes, or with a fine, or with both” 

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