Sudanese Rights Group – Alert Report

(5 May 2016) On 5th May, at around 3:00 pm, an armed group of 18 agents of National Intelligence and security Service NISS invaded the office of the prominent human rights lawyer Nabil Adib Abd Allah, in Street 5 Alamart area in Khartoum, the forces have searched the office and arrested 11 students of Khartoum University who were dismissed from the university on 3rd May following the unrest and protests that erupted in Khartoum University since 11th April, the students were at Nabil Adib office to discuss the case of their dismissal and to represent them before the competent authorities, the NISS agents confiscated number of legal files and documents from Nabil office and beaten the students before taking them to unknown place. Among those arrested during the raid two lawyers Mohamed Draj Mohamed Khalil and two female’s staff working with Nabil Law Firm, who were released.