The Massacre of the Children of Heiban: Make it the Last Crime of the Sudanese Government’s Aerial Bombardments

We the undersigned – individuals, public figures, civil and political organizations – are horrified by the sight of the torn bodies of the children of Heiban Locality in South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains. These children were killed on 1st May 2016 by an aerial bombardment conducted by the Government of Sudan. 

Photos have been widely disseminated of the 6 massacred children (including three children from one family). They are: (Kuku Dawli – 4 years , Yousif Yakgoub – 4 years, Jehan Abdelrahman Ibrahim – 5 years, Hafiz Mahmoud – 10 years, Ibrahim Abdelrahman Ibrahim – 10 years, Nidal Abdelrahman Ibrahim – 12 years).