2016 Report on the human rights situation in Southern Kordofan/Blue Nile States, Sudan released

Annual report delves into human rights violations, progress made last year

The report brings to light human rights violations and abuses taking place in SK and BN states (government territory) of Sudan and the situation of internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from these areas. The information included in this report was gathered by trained monitors using an instrument developed under supervision of HURICAP/ AI-NL and compiled by a trained reporting panel. The report does not cover all incidents that occurred due to many challenges and limitations.

This report covers the following human rights violations: arbitrary arrest and torture carried out by Military Intelligence (MI) and National Intelligence and security Services (NISS) in conflict areas; extrajudicial killing and death under torture mostly carried out by military and their allied militias (the Rapid Support Force and People Defense Force (PDF); and sexual assault by police. Due to corruption and impunity, investigations into state-sponsored murder and sexual assault rarely moved forward.

This report gives recommendations calling on both parties at war to respect international human rights laws. It also calls upon regional and international bodies to compel the Government of Sudan (GoS) to respect international human rights and humanitarian laws.