South Kordofan Blue Nile: Coordination Unit Humanitarian Update, August 2018

(August 2018) Like elsewhere in Sudan (IFRC, 13 Aug 2018, FEWSNET, 31 Aug 2018), heavy and erratic rains have affected the planting season (June – August) in South Kordofan and Blue Nile. The rains were also followed by a dry-spell and pest infestation (birds and insects). This, in combination with seed shortages, have affected the early growing season and it is already having serious consequences on the growing season of long-term sorghum in both areas. Based on this current situation, poor crop production is expected this year. Long maturity type sorghum which is commonly planted has failed in most of the areas. Previously, communities in Blue Nile relied on quick maturing sorghum planted in September and October for the main lean season but with no seeds available and exhaustion of the early maize and sorghum crop, the lean season of 2019 is likely to be early and food insecurity situation worse next year.