Africans Parliamentarians for Darfur (AP4D) is an initiative that was started in 2007 to bring together chairs of Foreign Affairs Committees of African parliaments to discuss and attempt to address issues pertaining to the conflict in Darfur as part of the various processes currently engaged in resolving the crisis. It was felt by the initiator, Dr Usman Bugaje, former chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives in Nigeria’s Parliament, that parliamentarians have a key role to play in the resolution of conflicts, but that, no major effort had been undertaken to engage African parliamentarians vis-à-vis the conflict in Darfur.

The 10 chairs who met at the initial convening of this initiative, 26-28 May 2007 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, decided to establish a working mechanism that will oversee the work of the initiative, and a Secretariat was created, with Tanzania as the chair. The ten countries represented in that meeting were: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana, Mali and the Pan-African Parliament. The May meeting also produced a Communiqué and A Follow Up Mechanism to propel the work of the initiative.

The Secretariat at its inaugural meeting held in Dar es Salaam 21 and 22 September, 2007, took the strategic decision to divide itself into a two tier mechanism made up of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat. It was also decided that the Secretariat be made up of experts and some CSO activists working on issues of conflicts in Africa, of which Darfur is one, that will support both the Executive Committee and the African Parliamentarians for Darfur Initiative.