Darfur Centre for Human Rights and Development (DCHRD) was founded in April 2002 when first reports of ethnic cleansing were starting to emerge in Darfur. Through the contacts of its directors, it has worked extensively with Amnesty International to report atrocities that have taken place; also to advise where activists and other human rights personnel were imprisoned or harassed in the course of doing their job. In addition to this it has provided translation facilities for the BBC; actively campaigned within the U.N and elsewhere, and organized many protests against the human rights abuses of civilians.

The DCHRD will continue monitoring the situation in Darfur and providing much needed infrastructure in the refugee camps. In the longer term, the focus, it is anticipated, will shift to development projects that contribute to the re-building of this region. We are committed to using local networks and people in the projects we undertake; we are also equally committed to the furtherance of an ethnically diverse and tolerant Darfur.