East Africa Law Society The East Africa Law Society is the premier regional Bar Association in East Africa. It is a dual membership organization, bringing together almost eight thousand-plus individual lawyer-members from the region as well as the six national Bar associations: Law Society of Kenya, Tanganyika Law Society, Uganda Law Society Zanzibar Law Society, Kigali Bar Association and Burundi Bar Association.

The Governing Council and Secretariat builds the organization by developing programmes and activities that promote cohesion among EALS members and East African lawyers. These include holding regular conferences, workshops and other consultations on matters of interest to members; production and circulation of a quarterly newsletter: The East African Lawyer; publishing Case Law Digests, Litigation Manuals and aids for litigation; and generally retaining a human rights focus within the organization as well as in the practical work of member advocates.

The East Africa Law Society recognizes that it is uniquely positioned to promote cross border integration for the people of East Africa. As such, it will work to harmonize processes, leading to the goal of East African regional integration.