For the past quarter century, Human Rights First (formerly the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights) has worked in the United States and internationally to create a secure and humane world by advancing justice, human dignity and respect for the rule of law. It supports human rights activists who fight for basic freedoms and peaceful change at the local level; protects refugees in flight from persecution and repression; helps build a strong international system of justice and accountability; and makes sure human rights law and principles are enforced in the United States and abroad.

In response to the human rights emergency in Darfur, Human Rights First has advocated for greater protection of civilians and accountability for gross human rights violations committed in the region. As part of these efforts, Human Rights First has collaborated with the Darfur Consortium and its members.  Examples of such collaboration include the provision of expert advice on issues of accountability as well as the organization of public and government advocacy in support of United Nations Security Council referral of Darfur to the International Criminal Court.