PRESS STATEMENT: Assasination of Hassan by PDF soldiers in Rashad, Sudan

(24 February 2020) On 22nd February 2020, Mr. Hassan Ismail was shot dead by three masked armed men in PDF uniform near Rashad town for unknown reason. A case was filed at Rashad police office against anonymous.

Mr. Hassan Ismail Mohammed Al-Ahdab (51 years) was travelling from his village of Baloula to Rashad town on a motorbike. He was obstructed and shot at by three armed masked men dressed in people Defense Force (PDF) uniform. The assassins were riding two motorbikes and after shooting him, they ran away. Hassan was found in a pool of blood but still alive (breathing) by people on a vehicle (truck) which was coming from Rashad to Baloula and his motorbike was nearby him.

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PRESS STATEMENT: Murdering and injuring of civilians by PDF soldier in Abukershola, Sudan


(February 13, 2020) On 29thJanuary 2020, one PDF soldier shot at a gathering of civilians, killed two people and injured other three at Abu-Kershola. The shooting incident was a vengeful act. The case was reported at Abu-Kershola police office against him (PDF soldier) but no further action was taken by police.

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HUDO: Annual Report 2019


(January 31, 2020) This report covers some incidents that occurred between January and December 2019 in the government controlled territories of South Kordufan and Blue Nile States and among IDPs from the two states. The violations reduced significantly in Khartoum but slightly in conflict areas.

The violations and abuses included in this report are; arbitrary arrests, sexual violence, unlawful killing, court observation notes for specific trials with human rights aspect and other violations which were mainly carried out by security forces/ agencies against civilians in conflict areas. On regular incidents, police deliberately refused or failed to carry out investigations of cases brought before them.

In recommendation, this report calls upon Sudan government to respect its obligations towards the citizens and the international human rights laws

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PRESS STATEMENT: Assassination of Musa Jar-Elnabi in Elfaid Um-Abdalla, Sudan


(21 January 2020) On 14th January 2020, Mr. Musa Jar-Elnabi was shot dead by three masked men in Elfaid UmAbdalla for unknown reason. A case was filed at Rashad police office against anonymous. On 14th January 2020 evening hours, Mr. Musa Jar-Elnabi was driving his motor/ tuktuk back home with his young brother (underage/ child) in Elfaid Um-Abdalla. As he was approaching his home (a few meters to home) he was stopped by three armed and masked persons on motorbike. Immediately after stopping, one of them shot at him three times (bullets) in his chest. The three men ran away with their motorbike after shooting. The dead body was taken by the family members to Rashad town where a postmortem was done and a case was filed/reported at Rashad police office against anonymous. But the child (young brother) expressed that he can recognize the attackers.

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PRESS STATEMENT: The fugitive in Al-Sanadra case is on trial at Al-Abbasiya, Sudan


(07 January 2020) Al-Sanadra case was concluded and the verdict was made. But, two fugitives who were later arrested have been on trial. One of them is tried in AlAbbasiya and one is tried in Khartoum. Therefore, this report is about the trial in Al-Abbasiya. Twenty four (24) court sessions were held between 28th January 2019 and 4th November 2019. Justice/ Abduelelah Fadul Jad-Elseid delivered his verdict (judgment) on 4 th November 2019 at Al-Abbasiya town court of South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains. The lawyer of the complainants (the accusers) is Mr. Omer Daifalla and the defendants’ lawyer is Mr. Elsagadei.

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