The Sudanese Civil Society Organizations’ Network Abroad

(13 February 2019) The Sudanese civil society organizations’ network is formed outside the country to be a main affiliate and major supporter and player in civil society activities together with other civil organizations with the aim of addressing issues related to livelihood of the people of Sudan and their quality of life in an independent and unbiased way. 

35 African civil society organisations call for strong AU response to popular uprising in Sudan

(6 February 2019) We, the undersigned African civil society organisations, write with deep concern about the deterioration of the situation in Sudan. The combination of long term repression and economic mismanagement has led to an uprising in which the Sudanese people are calling out for democracy, good governance and human rights, in line with the values of the African Union. 

HUDO: Court Trial of Al-Sanadra Case

(28 December 2018) The court session was held on 26 December 2018 and Khartoum North court before Justice Atif Abdalla and was attended by both lawyers’ panels while the defendents were absent. The judge adjourned court to 9 January 2019. 

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