Human Rights Council, 4th Session, Joint Oral Intervention

Delivered by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

Thank you Mr. President,

The Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences; has reported eloquently on the horrific impact of violence against women in conflict.  But as her report was given, and as this debate continues, thousands of women in Darfur face continual threats of sexual violence. This Council must not delay in addressing the suffering of the people in Darfur. 

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Statement on behalf of North South XXI on Darfur at the Human Right Council

Delivered by Abdelbagi Jibril

North South XXI welcomes the report of the High Level Mission on Darfur. We are pleased to note the HLM has placed protection of civilians in Darfur at the heart of its work. The report is yet another indicting document on the criminal practice of the government of Sudan and its allied militia groups better known as the Janjaweed that are fighting a proxy war on its behalf, alas against innocent civilians including women and children. It is regrettable that the government of Sudan (GoS) adamantly refused to cooperate with the HLM and used all pretexts to hamper its work. This is another futile attempt from the GoS to conceal the truth about what is actually taking place in Darfur. The shape of this Council is becoming ugly as some of its members made the point that they are concerned about questionable procedural matters rather than the lives of millions of helpless civilians in miserable IDP camps in Darfur or across international borders. Such attitude is reprehensible. The GoS should not be allowed to thumb up its nose at the world community in this insulting manner and be escorted free unpunished.

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The Cairo Declaration for Peace in Darfur

Within the framework of cooperation and solidarity between Arab and African organizations working in the field of human rights, a group of African and Arab organizations organized a Workshop on “Peace in Darfur” and to guarantee the protection of civilians as well as means to help refugees and displaced persons to securely and honorably return to their villages.  The Workshop aimed also to guarantee the respect of human rights in the entire Darfur province, and to render the people implicated in the war crimes and crimes against humanity that were committed in the past and are still being committed in this afflicted province.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists and the Darfur Consortium, jointly organized this Workshop, which was attended by 31 Arab organizations, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as well a group of experts and a number of international observers.

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NGOs hail election of Ghana to the Presidency of the African Union

Contact: Oladapo Awosokanre at + 251 912 129 331

NGOs hail election of Ghana to the presidency of the African Union

(ADDIS ABABA, 29 January 2007) The Darfur Consortium today welcomed the accession of the Republic of Ghana to the Presidency of the African Union (AU).

This afternoon in Addis Ababa Africa Heads of State meeting at the 8th African Union summit decided that Ghana’s President H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor would succeed President Denis Sassou-Nguesso of the Republic of Congo as President of the 53 member Union.

“We have every expectation that President Kufuor will continue to demonstrate at the helm of African Union the level of commitment he has shown to promoting peace and security in Darfur” said Achieng Akena, a spokesperson for the Consortium.

Ghana has taken a generous and principled stand on the responsibility to protect civilians in Darfur in African Union and United Nations since the outset of the crisis, including through contributing personnel towards the African Union Mission in Darfur (AMIS) and co-sponsoring UN Security Council Resolution 1706 calling for inter alia the strengthening of AMIS.

“We look now to President Kufuor to continue this leadership” added Ms Akena.

The Consortium calls on President Kufuor to work urgently with the African Union and African States to ensure that:

* Sudan observes a clear timetable for the implementation of the three phases of the hybrid AU-UN force deployment to which it has agreed and moves effectively disarm its Janjaweed militia;
* African States send more troops to Darfur – Africa is still mandated to lead the force and must fulfil its responsibility to protect;
* African States support the deployment of UN peacekeepers to Chad where over a half a million displaced Darfurians and Chadians are desperately in need of security;
* meaningful and inclusive peace negotiations on Darfur are revitalised.