Local communities document deliberate targeting of civilians through aerial bombardment in Southern Kordofan

(Addis Ababa, 23 May 2013) A briefing by a group of local monitors circulated today by the Sudan Consortium alleges that civilians are being directly and deliberately targeted by the Sudanese armed forces in Southern Kordofan.

Distributed as preparations gear up for the arrival of Heads of State in Ethiopia for the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the African Union, the briefing remindsthe African Union that ongoing conflict, violence, and humanitarian and human rights crises in Sudan require their continued engagement.

Along with photographs taken by monitors in the aftermath of the incidents described, the briefing documents a series of bombing attacks in Southern Kordofan in late 2012/early 2013, with the most recent taking place on 19 March 2013.

**Warning some of the photos in the briefing are disturbing**