Arab Coalition for Sudan and the Arab Network for Media Crisis call for a broad front to defend freedom and protect journalists

(Cairo, July 24, 2014) Arab Coalition for Sudan (ACS) and the Arab Network for Media Crisis (ANMC) condemn the brutal assault against Osman Mirghani, the editor- in -chief of Atayyar newspaper.The attack was carried out by an armed group driving two four wheel drive cars that stormed the newspaper headquarters and attacked him till he lost his consciousness. Mr. Mirghani was transferred to the hospital later. 

The Arabic Network for Media Crisis denounces the continuous detention of Hassan Essaq

(Cairo, July 3, 2014) The Arab Network for Media Crisis denounces the continuation of detention of Hassan Isaac by the Sudanese authority and expresses its deep
concern over his being brutally tortured by the police; it also confirms the authorities’ responsibility for his safety.

Isaac (31) years old was arrested by the detective police on the tenth of June, from inside El-Nihud city market and during his performance of his duties as a journalist. He was detained and interrogated after the publication of an interview with Ibrahim El-Sheikh, the leader of the Sudanese Congress Party, following a field visit he carried out with the members of his party to residents in North and South Kordofan States, whereas he accused the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) of looting, killing and spreading of fear and anxiety among civilians, which has resulted in his detention.

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