Human Rights Update: August 2014

Attacks on civilians in opposition held areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile continued in July and August 2014, with five incidents reported in July and eight in August. The attacks killed two people, injured five, killed 60 animals and damaged property and crops.

Refugees from Blue Nile in camps in Maban County, South Sudan were caught up in renewed violence, which caused aid disruptions and widespread fear in the camps.

More than 127,000 Sudanese Refugees are at Risk of Massacre in Camps in South Sudan Eruption of Violence in Maban, Upper Nile, Targets Humanitarian Aid Workers

(6 August 2014) On 3 August, the security situation in Maban County in Upper Nile State, in South Sudan, has deteriorated. The capital city Bunj, has witnessed sporadic bouts of killing and shelling over the past three days. The violence threatened the lives of over 127,000 Sudanese refugees from Blue Nile, spread over four camps in Maban. In addition, thousands of humanitarians aid workers and civilians of South Sudan have faced the armed violence.