Condemnation of the arrest of journalist Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Nour

Arab Coalition for Sudan (ACS) and the Arab Network for Media
Crises (ANMC) condemn the arrest of journalist Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Nour,
the correspondent for “Al-Hayat” newspaper in Khartoum and the former
editor-in- chief of “Alsahafa” newspaper. Al-Nour was arrested on the
background of a news story in which he alleged that the president has issued a
decree about merging of electricity companies.

Regardless of the validity of the news or not, the judgment in similar cases is
not the competence of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS),
as it is not the affected party by the publication of such news and where it is
well known that, the aggrieved should resort to the judiciary system, not to
mention that procedure by NISS is a blatant violation to Sudan’s constitution
and laws as well as it is a flagrant violation to human rights charters signed by

Urgent statement: ACS condemns recent arrests and calls for continuation of the 90 days campaign

National Intelligence and Security Services apparatus (NISS) continued its harsh campaign of systematic arrests of human rights activists, politicians and students in the states of Khartoum and Southern Kordofan, since the beginning of this month. The most prominent and brutal attack was against female students from Darfur inside a students’ residence in Khartoum university, in the second day of Eid al-Adha, they were evicted by force in a barbaric behavior beyond the law and contrary to the customs, morals and benign Sudanese values.

A joint force of police and security forces with support of the “notorious” Rapid Support Forces broke into the students’ residence in order to evacuate it, as implementation of the unjust resolutions of privatization of educational institutions, which creates caste discrimination amid the students. The use of sticks, batons and tear gas resulted in large injuries amid the students, while the security forces arrested more than 30 students, three of whom were released, reported that they have experienced brutal torture, sexual harassment, obscene and racial abuse by the security elements.

Human Rights Update: October 2014

The month of October saw a dramatic fourfold increase from the previous month in bombings in Southern Kordofan, particularly at the end of the month as the rains eased and the dry season approached. A total of 20 bombings were recorded by the monitors, with six bombings recorded in the last five days of the month.  

The bombings in October were concentrated primarily in one geographic area, that of Delami County. Not only did thirteen of the bombing incidents occur there, but six of these incidents targeted just two villages.