Judicial Review of UK Training of Sudan Army in Court

Ali Agab Nour, a Sudanese lawyer and refugee, will challenge the British Government’s decision to provide military training to the Sudanese Army in the High Court. 

It is well-documented that the Sudanese Army regularly and systematically perpetrate truly appalling human rights violations including mass rape, ethnic cleansing and indiscriminate aerial bombardment. The senior commanders of the army are indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and genocide. The UK is alone amongst western nations in training the army.

Read more. The link is no longer available.

Urgent statement: ACS condemns the arrest of political leaders and human rights activists

The Arab Coalition for Sudan (ACS) condemns in strong language the arrest
of: D.amin Makki Madani, the lawyer and the international expert in human
rights fields, who is one of the founders of the ACS, Farouk Abu Issa, the
chairman of the oppositional National Consensus Forces (NCF), Farah Agar,
who is the head of the peace organization, development and reconstruction
goals, and a leader in the national forces for change, as well as his assistant
Mohamed Dodo, by the security authorities. The detention took place over
their signing of ‘ Sudan call’ document. ACS also expresses its deep concern
for the health conditions experienced by those detainees.