On the anniversary of protests massacres, the international community must take a strong stand on impunity for widespread human rights abuses in Sudan

Paris, Kampala, Khartoum, 23 September 2015 – The Government of Sudan continues to fail to ensure that those responsible for international crimes and other serious human rights abuses are held to account, in particular when such abuses engage the responsibility of forces and groups under its command. On the second anniversary of the killing by Sudanese security forces of at least 185 peaceful demonstrators, Sudan has taken no clear steps to ensure accountability or grant effective remedies to victims and their families. Meanwhile, serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law continue to be committed in conflict zones and across the country with complete impunity. FIDH, ACJPS and SHRM reiterate their call upon the international community to condemn serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Sudan, call for reform of Sudanese laws that allow impunity for perpetrators of serious crimes, and ensure effective accountability mechanisms are established to grant justice and reparation for victims.

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