Sudan Human Rights Update – January 2016

During the month of January 2016, SUDO (UK)’s network of human rights monitors have reported and verified 67 incidents of human rights abuses across Sudan involving 11 Sudanese states. 

Out of the 67 incident reports submitted, SUDO (UK) has assessed that various forces under the authority of the Government of Sudan, as individual entities, were involved collectively in 61 instances of human rights abuses, whilst various militias known collectively as Janjaweed were responsible for 23 human rights abuses. Other perpetrators include unknown actors who were involved in two abuses, and a Gemer ethnic militia involved in one such incident. It is important to stress that multiple actors colluded in various incidents meaning that often two perpetrators would be identified in any one incident report. Most notably such collusion existed between various Government actors and indeed amongst Government actors and militias.