Sudan blocks civil society participation in UN-led human rights review

The efforts of the Government of Sudan to obstruct the engagement of civil society activists in a United Nations (UN)-led human rights review of the country is unacceptable and shows blatant contempt not just for human rights defenders in Sudan, but to human rights standards and the UN Human Rights Council, 36 Sudanese and international groups and seven prominent Sudanese individuals said today. 

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Sudanese National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) prevent lawyer Salih Mahmoud Osman from Traveling

Statement from the Darfur Bar Associaion

Salih Mahmoud Osman, a prominent Sudanese human rights lawyer , and the winner of Sahkarov and American Bar Association prizes was prevented from travelling. Mr. Osman was on his way to Geneva, Switzerland yesterday 28 March 2016 to attend a session preparing for Sudan’s universal periodic report (UPR) as a Sudanese NGO representative. After processing and check in, security agents in plain clothes informed Mr. Osman that he was forbidden to travel outside Sudan and confiscated his passport. He was told to come next day to receive his passport back from the security information department. Today, 29 March 2016, Mr. Osman went there to receive his passport, but the security officers asked him to write a request to the chairperson of this department. He wrote his request and told that they will going to call him later via his mobile phone. At the time of writing, he had not yet receive his passport. We contacted Mr. Osman and he told us that the government of Sudan regularly violates the rights of lawyers working in the field of human rights. This was not the first time that he had been banned from travelling, he continued, as he was prevented several times as other lawyers have been as well. The government has yet to comment on this incident, despite many efforts to reach the authorities. The NISS head is a red line, no one dares to contact him. NISS enjoys absolute immunities under the law. The NISS regularly prevents human rights activists from travelling. Last week, more than six individuals were banned at Khartoum International Airport and had their passports confiscated. We urge the government to respect her commitment to freedom of movement and expression. We also urge all international and regional NGOs to condemn the Khartoum government for violating the freedom of expression, movement and association of human rights defenders.