Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq) – Human Rights Monitoring 6th Weekly Report-Sudan

On the 29th of May 2016, the Interior Minister lieutenant General Esmat Abd Al-Rahman revealed in a press statement after a meeting with the security and defense committee in the parliament that they are going to apply theft amputation sentence against whoever involved in car theft and smuggling in Darfur. He added that the ministry of Interior has made arrangements in connection with the collection of heavy weapons and vehicles with four-wheel drive from the citizens, and the decision will be implemented in the near future. The minister further pointed out that the ministry of interior has sought to find solutions in regard to the small arms carried by the nomads, who need the arms during their long routs, either appointing a force to insure their safety during their movements or license their weapons or give them official status that allow them to carry their arms.(Source: Aljareeda newspaper, issue: 1773, date: 30 May 2016)

Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq) – Human Rights Monitoring 5th Weekly Report-Sudan

(3-13 May 2016) New Developments:

  • On the 9th of May 2016, the vice chancellor office of the University of Khartoum, issued an administrative decision to suspend classes at the Faculty of Education indefinitely. Although the letter was dated 8th of May; the decision was based on the recommendation of the Heads of Departments’ Council dated 9th of May 2016.

The Massacre of the Children of Heiban: Make it the Last Crime of the Sudanese Government’s Aerial Bombardments

We the undersigned – individuals, public figures, civil and political organizations – are horrified by the sight of the torn bodies of the children of Heiban Locality in South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains. These children were killed on 1st May 2016 by an aerial bombardment conducted by the Government of Sudan. 

Photos have been widely disseminated of the 6 massacred children (including three children from one family). They are: (Kuku Dawli – 4 years , Yousif Yakgoub – 4 years, Jehan Abdelrahman Ibrahim – 5 years, Hafiz Mahmoud – 10 years, Ibrahim Abdelrahman Ibrahim – 10 years, Nidal Abdelrahman Ibrahim – 12 years).

Sudanese Rights Group – Alert Report

(5 May 2016) On 5th May, at around 3:00 pm, an armed group of 18 agents of National Intelligence and security Service NISS invaded the office of the prominent human rights lawyer Nabil Adib Abd Allah, in Street 5 Alamart area in Khartoum, the forces have searched the office and arrested 11 students of Khartoum University who were dismissed from the university on 3rd May following the unrest and protests that erupted in Khartoum University since 11th April, the students were at Nabil Adib office to discuss the case of their dismissal and to represent them before the competent authorities, the NISS agents confiscated number of legal files and documents from Nabil office and beaten the students before taking them to unknown place. Among those arrested during the raid two lawyers Mohamed Draj Mohamed Khalil and two female’s staff working with Nabil Law Firm, who were released.

Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq) Human Rights Monitoring Weekly Report – Sudan 26th April-3rd May 2016

On 3rd May 2016, Khartoum University administration suspended the study for all the faculties in the main campus indefinitely after demonstrations, as tension looms once again after the killing of two students in Kordofan and Omdorman Ahlia Universities last month, It is worth noting that Khartoum University has been witnessing demonstrations since 11th April after circulation reports of selling and moving university building to Soba area south Khartoum.(Source: Khartoum University Student).