TRACKs trial continues as detainees near their 6th month of detention

(17 November 2016) Three leading civil society activists will soon reach their sixth month of detention on baseless charges related solely to their work and affiliation with the Centre for Training and Human Development (TRACKs), a Khartoum-based organisation that provides training on a variety of topics from information technology to human rights. The detainees – TRACKs Director Khalafalla al Afif Mukhtar, together with trainer Midhat Afif al-Deen Hamdan, and the director of another organisation, Alzarqaa Organisation for Rural Development, Mustafa Adam – face charges together with seven other activists affiliated with TRACKs in two overlapping criminal cases. Six members of the group, including the three detainees, are currently standing trial.

Our organisations have serious concerns that not only are the charges baseless but that the court proceedings have not met international and regional standards on the right to a fair trial, including the right to a public hearing. The defendents have not been provided with a written list of the charges they face.

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