Sudan: Prominent human rights defender detained incommunicado

(20 December 2016) A prominent Sudanese human rights defender (HRD), Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, is currently detained incommunicado by the country’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). Dr. Mudawi was arrested at the University of Khartoum, where he is a professor, on 7 December 2016 alongside his longtime driver, Adam El Sheikh Mukhtar. Both men are currently being held without charge or access to their families and lawyers at NISS headquarters near Shande Bus Station. The 22 undersigned organisations express serious concerns regarding the two men’s safety and well-being whilst in the custody of the NISS. 

Urgent concern for detainees held incommunicado amidst Sudan’s growing civil disobedience campaign

(15 December 2016) The Government of Sudan has responded to a growing civil disobedience campaign by arresting and detaining incommunicado at least forty two political opposition party leaders, activists, and individuals, including one prominent human rights defender, Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, and censoring newspapers by seizing their print editions prior to distribution. The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) is aware of at least thirty seven individuals currently held at National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) headquarters near Shande Bus Station without charge or access to their families and lawyers. ACJPS is particularly concerned about four individuals who are detained by the NISS in unknown locations. This includes activist Fatima Mohamed Ahmed, and members of the Pharmacists’ Association, Arif Awad and Mahmoud Mohamed Abdalla, who were arrested after publicly condemning the detention of their colleagues who were arrested days prior. The NISS has denied having a member of the Teacher’s Strike Committee, Al Shazali Mohamed Abdalla, in their custody, despite reports that he was arrested from his home in Omdurman on 26 November. 


The fourteenth (14th) court hearing was held on 5th December 2016. The session was before Justice Dr. Osama M. Abdalla at Khartoum Centre court and all parties were present. During this session, the complainant (NISS representative) was questioned again (re-examined) by the accusation panel. Thereafter, the first accusation’s witness delivered his testimony and questioned by both lawyers panels. The judge adjourned court to 12th December 2016.

NGOs call on UN Special Procedures to Intervene on behalf of detained TRACKs Leaders

(12 December 2016) We, the undersigned African and international non-governmental organizations, are writing to bring to your attention in your capacities as Special Procedure mandate holders worrying developments concerning the detention and trial of ten human rights defenders in Sudan. We urge you to call on the Government of Sudan to immediately and unconditionally drop all charges against ten staff members and affiliates of the Centre for Training and Human Development (TRACKs), an organization which provides training on a range of issues from IT to human rights, in two overlapping cases that include crimes against the state. Crimes against the state charges carry the death penalty.

SKBN Rainy Season Update July – November, 2016

(6 December 2016) In Central Region, South Kordofan a severe decline in food security is imminent due to: a) failure of rains in August impacting the early harvest of sorghum, b) struggling markets due to SSP hyperinflation, and c) increasing numbers of returnees and IDPs due to the closure of the Yida refugee camp and ongoing displacement caused by pre-rainy season advances made by SAF. Blue Nile also faces declines in humanitarian conditions due to increasing localised conflict with Maban communities hosting refugees.