Human Rights Update: July, August and September

Welcome calm but fear of resumed aerial bombing in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile remains 

Since June 2016, the incidents of violence and human rights violations carried out by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Southern Kordofan (SK) and Blue Nile (BN) states (also known as the “Two Areas”) have reduced significantly. This is not unusual for the time of the year since the period June to November is the rainy season and fighting has traditionally been low as roads are flooded and rendered impassable for any military operations. The difference this time is that the President of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir, declared a four month ceasefire on 17 June 2016. This unilateral ceasefire declaration is applicable to SK, BN (and Darfur) and all the incidents mentioned in this report constitute a breach of this ceasefire. There was some bombing by SAF planes in SK and the planes have been sighted circling the skies in both SK and BN for several months but without dropping bombs. There are also reports indicating new movement of SAF troops and formations, as well as new battle equipment, at the frontlines in the Two Areas.