SKBN CU Humanitarian Update

(October 2017) Food security remains a major challenge due to the shortage of farmland caused by the military frontlines, and the terraced agriculture is now showing signs of social deficiency and stunted crop growth; a significant number of farms (21) and pastoral land were reported destroyed by fire along frontlines in South Kordofan; new details from Kaw and Warni suggest the shrinking population faces a dire humanitarian situation; schools have reopened in South Kordofan, not in Blue Nile, but lack of school fees, school material and teachers’ incentives remain a major obstacle for a quality education. 

Press release on the confiscation of the Sudanese authorities to the newspaper “newspaper”

(October 2017) The Arab Network for Crisis Information condemns the confiscation of the Sudanese authorities Saturday, October 14, 2017 from the newspaper “Al-Jarida” after printing it from the printing press because of the publication of an opinion article by the writer Al-Fatih Jabra in the previous issue of confiscation, which was followed by the authorities to drain the resources of the newspapers and bankruptcy. The Arab Network for Crisis Information rejects this behavior by the Sudanese authorities represented by the National Security and Intelligence Service.

US lifts sanctions on Sudan despite opposition from Sudanese in the Nuba Mountains

(October 2017) The United States (US) permanently lifted a two-decade set of sanctions against Sudan on 12 October 2017, meaning that the US-trade embargo against Sudan and the freeze of its assets in the US is removed. It is a big achievement for Sudan as it can now re-enter the global financial system where it had been isolated for 20 years. However, Sudan stays on the US list for state sponsors of terrorism although the US said that the country had made progress in fighting terrorism.