ACJPS: South Kordofan: Students from Aldalang University arbitrarily arrested after SAF officer shot two students to death

(18 January 2018) The African Centre of Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) is concerned for the safety and well-being of students from Aldalang University in South Kordofan who have been arbitrarily arrested after joint security forces (National Intelligence and Security Services, Military Intelligence, Sudan Armed Forces and Police) raided the university following a student protest staged after an officer of the Sudan Armed Forces indiscriminately shot and killed two students on the university campus. At least 49 students were detained during the raid. ACJPS has serious concerns for the five students currently detained incommunicado at the Military Intelligence offices in Aldalang. 

ACJPS: 18 Individuals Arbitrarily Detained in the Wake of Anti-Austerity Protests Throughout Sudan

(12 January 2018) The Government of Sudan has responded to widespread disgruntlement over recent austerity measures by arresting and detaining opposition political party members, activists and individuals; censoring newspapers by seizing their daily print runs prior to distribution and use of force (including firing live ammunition) to disperse protests. The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) is aware of 18 individuals, including opposition political party leaders, students, advocates and human rights defenders, currently under custody in Sennar, North Kordofan, Kassala, Khartoum and Blue Nile states without charge or access to family and/or legal representation. 

SDFG: The Framework of the Public Order Laws in Sudan: Tools for Repression and Totalitarian Domination

(3 January 2018) Sudan’s Public Order Law’s legal framework is composed of a set of legal provisions from the Sudanese Criminal Law Act and the Community Safety Act. It came into effect and was applied for the first time in Khartoum State as the Public Order Act (hereinafter the Act), following the 1989 coup, which brought the National Islamis Front into power.