SKBN CU Coordination Unit: Humanitarian Update February 2018

(February 2018) Clashes in Blue Nile between the two SPLM-N faction. Reports have been received of clashes on 17, 22, and 29 February with displacement of at least 500 households. 

A substantial food gap is predicted in the Two Areas with projections for the coming lean season suggesting food stock will only last through April in South Kordofan and through March in Blue Nile. 

SKBN Coordination Unit: Humanitarian Update January 2018

(February 16, 2018) Projections for the coming leans season suggest food stocks from the ongoing harvest will last through April in South Kordofan and through March in Blue Nile. This leaves a substantial gap as the next harvest would begin, at earliest, in August.

  • There remains little to no access to basic pediatric care or medical supplies in both South Kordofan and Blue Nile, putting the child population at elevated risk of death from treatable diseases.
  • Schools in Blue Nile were not able to resume in October along their typical calendar. By January only schools in Yabus payam were functioning.
  • Tensions remain high in Blue Nile. While active conflict has greatly subsided, mediation between parties to the conflict is needed to ensure stability and provide access for humanitarians.

Open letter concerning the crackdown on peaceful protests and the wave of arbitrary arrests and continued incommunicado detentions by Sudanese government forces

(February 14, 2018) We, the undersigned Sudanese, African and international organisations, write to you in your capacities as Special Procedure mandate holders to draw your attention to the worrying developments concerning the excessive use of force by Sudanese authorities to disperse peaceful protests across Sudan. We urge you to call on the Government of Sudan to respect the peoples’ rights to freedom of assembly, association and expression as guaranteed in international standards and UN treaties ratified by Sudan and refrain from using excessive force to disperse protests.

HUDO: Annual Report 2017

(February 12, 2018) There was a general reduction in violations and abuses in both states of South Kordufan (SK) and Blue Nile (BN) particularly BN state due to frequent announcements of cease fire by both warring parties. The period covered in this report is between January and December 2017. Some of the incidents have not been conclusively investigated and others like the court trials are still going on. The state of emergency in the two states under conflict has been on since 2011 as well as the status of insecurity.

NHRMO: Civilian views in the Nuba Mountains about Humanitarian Access

(5 February 2018) This document is based on the reports received from human rights monitors in different counties of Nuba Mountains, Southern Kordofan state, Sudan which indicate that the civilians in the areas controlled by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army–North (SPLM/A-N) are suffering from lack of food, shelter, medicine and water, as well as basic social services like health care and education, among other needs.