SUDO: Statement on Behalf of Dr Mudawi Ibrahim Adam

(3 June 2019) I condemn in the strongest terms the killings that were committed today
by the Transitional Military Council (TMC). It is they and they alone
who hold sole responsibility for the events that took place.

We had trusted, for the good of the country, that the TMC was a credible
partner that could work with the Sudanese people to restore Sudan to
democracy and the rule of law.

However, the TMC have demonstrated they cannot be trusted and they no
longer represent the Sudanese Armed Forces. The TMC is only interested
in controlling the power of the country and protecting the previous regime.

Subsequently, no deal can be procured with the TMC. The only way to
fulfil the goals of the Sudanese people is to continue the civic
resistance and to engage in complete civil disobedience.

The violations that were committed today have destroyed the political
process and negotiations. These violations represent criminal offences
against the Sudanese people and they will not go without due

Dr Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, June 3, 2019