PRESS STATEMENT: Assasination of Hassan by PDF soldiers in Rashad, Sudan

(24 February 2020) On 22nd February 2020, Mr. Hassan Ismail was shot dead by three masked armed men in PDF uniform near Rashad town for unknown reason. A case was filed at Rashad police office against anonymous.

Mr. Hassan Ismail Mohammed Al-Ahdab (51 years) was travelling from his village of Baloula to Rashad town on a motorbike. He was obstructed and shot at by three armed masked men dressed in people Defense Force (PDF) uniform. The assassins were riding two motorbikes and after shooting him, they ran away. Hassan was found in a pool of blood but still alive (breathing) by people on a vehicle (truck) which was coming from Rashad to Baloula and his motorbike was nearby him.

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PRESS STATEMENT: Murdering and injuring of civilians by PDF soldier in Abukershola, Sudan


(February 13, 2020) On 29thJanuary 2020, one PDF soldier shot at a gathering of civilians, killed two people and injured other three at Abu-Kershola. The shooting incident was a vengeful act. The case was reported at Abu-Kershola police office against him (PDF soldier) but no further action was taken by police.

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