On 28th February 2021, while Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Burma was attending to his animals (Zareeba) in Raas Elfeel, he was attacked by armed people dressed in PDF uniforms. The assailants killed him with gunshots. When the neighbours heard noise from the gun-shot, they came towards the crime scene, but the assailants had shot on them while they (assailants) are fleeing to the west direction towards the governmental territory.

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On 8th March 2021, Mr. Abduelsalam Kailla Komi was released unconditionally after spending five days detained incommunicado at Sudan Armed Force (SAF) base in Talodi. During detention, he was interrogated about the ten (10) sacks/ bags of wheat flour (alleged to be subsidized commodity) that had been transported through his office (Mr.Kailla is a transport agent). But SAF confiscated the ten (10) sacks/bags of wheat flour despite no case was filed against him.

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Urgent call to the Transitional Government to ensure the safety and protection of all Sudanese

(6 August 2020) African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) expresses deep concern over the deterioration of security in Sudan, specifically in the Dafur region where several militia attacks and tribal clashes have left hundreds dead and several injured. ACJPS has documented another incident of tribal clash in West Darfur that has left sixty people dead and fifty one injured, including five minors. The Transitional Government should urgently set up an independent and impartial commission to ensure an immediate and effective investigation into the full scale of the killing and injury, identify those responsible, and hold them accountable. The government should also consider including Independent civil society organisations in the commission of inquiry.

ACJPS further calls on the Transitional government to;-
• Urgently develop a plan to address the past and recent conflicts, attacks and tribal clashes in the Darfur region especially the human rights violations.
• Come up with a mechanism to resolve land conflicts in the Darfur region
• Reform the police and deploy them to maintain peace.
• Disarm all militias and civilians
To the Forces of Freedom and Change Alliance,
• Ensure equal representation and participation of all Sudanese in the alliance.

On 25 July 2020, about 1,500 armed men from the Maharia (Arab) and Mima tribes dressed in plain clothes as wells in uniforms of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked Masteri town. Masteri town has a population of approximately 100,000 people majority of whom are the Masalite (African) tribe. The men rode in Land Cruiser Toyota vehicles in light green colors, motorcycles, camels and Horse backs while some of them marched. They were armed with at least four types weapons including tanks fixed on top of the land cruisers known as “Duska” tanks, automatic guns (submachine guns ) , “ kalashnikov” in addition to J3. ACJPS believes the attack to be a tribal clash as both the attackers and the victims are residents of same locality. The Maharia live in Beida village whilst the Mima tribe live in Frashna neighborhood, both villages fall under the administrative jurisdictions of Beida located in South West of Elgenina, the capital of West Darfur about 47 Kilometers away. Masteri town also falls under Beida.


On 14thJune 2020, seven vehicles mounted with machine guns and armed Rapid Support Force (RSF) soldiers invaded Elzahraa girls primary school at Telu neighborhood of Kadogli town. The RSF soldiers were led by their commandant Lt. Col Mohammed Ehabib Ibrahim Abdelmoneim (nickname Sheerya).On arrival, they dug a trench around the school and since then, the school has been used as a military training centre.

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PRESS STATEMENT: Assassination of Musa Jar-Elnabi in Elfaid Um-Abdalla, Sudan


(21 January 2020) On 14th January 2020, Mr. Musa Jar-Elnabi was shot dead by three masked men in Elfaid UmAbdalla for unknown reason. A case was filed at Rashad police office against anonymous. On 14th January 2020 evening hours, Mr. Musa Jar-Elnabi was driving his motor/ tuktuk back home with his young brother (underage/ child) in Elfaid Um-Abdalla. As he was approaching his home (a few meters to home) he was stopped by three armed and masked persons on motorbike. Immediately after stopping, one of them shot at him three times (bullets) in his chest. The three men ran away with their motorbike after shooting. The dead body was taken by the family members to Rashad town where a postmortem was done and a case was filed/reported at Rashad police office against anonymous. But the child (young brother) expressed that he can recognize the attackers.

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SKBN CU: Floods affect livelihoods and put already vulnerable communities in Blue Nile and South Kordofan at risk


(22 October 2019) Rains in the Ethiopian highlands in the week of 14 October is affecting over thousands of people in Blue Nile and all the refugee camps in Maban in neighbouring South Sudan. As reported in the SKBN Humanitarian Update of August 2019, “Like in the rest of Sudan, flooding was especially widespread in Blue Nile. In the week of 11-25 August, heavy rain (also in the Ethiopian highlands) brought flooding throughout Blue Nile, destroying crops in Chali and Yabus payams. Many donkeys of Ethiopian merchants drowned, disrupting supplies to markets. With the main harvest still months away, the flooding will most certainly impact crop performance”.

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HUDO: Potential Confrontation between Talodi Residents on a Sit Down Demonstration and RSF Soldiers in Sudan

(10 September 2019) Since 5th September 2019, Talodi residents together with Aleri and Kalogi people went on a sit down demonstration at Talodi Locality building opposing the use of cyanide by gold mining companies. The Rapid Support Force (RSF) threatened them which raised fear that the experienced massacre of 3rd June 2019 in Khartoum could be repeated.

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